GS 5-Point Green Cleaning System Kit


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GS 5-Point Green Cleaning System Kit

Get your cleaning staff started right with Stearns GS 5-Point Green Cleaning System. Filled with Stearns top performing premeasured liquid cleaners, the starter kit also includes color-coded bottles, Material Safety Data Sheets and training material. Color-coded products and packaging improves safety and simplifies training, even for the newest member of your cleaning team.

Yields 130 gallons of end-use product.
A simple way to test the GS 5-Point Daily Cleaning System in one of your buildings, or an easy way to start your cleaning staff on the system.

One Packs

#902 - Filled with a combined total of 70 packs of Stearns top-performing One Packs™. The starter kit also includes:  silk-screened bottles & sprayers, MSDS’s, training materials, pack openers, mixing hose, and instruction book “GS 5-Point Training and Safety Guide”.

  • 10 packs of ST-740E Mark 11* 
  • 30 packs of ST-846E GS Neutral Cleaner Concentrate
  • 10 packs of ST-853E GS Extra-Strength Cleaner Concentrate
  • 10 packs of ST-840E GS Window Cleaner Concentrate
  • 10 packs of ST-851E of GS Restroom & Bowl Cleaner Concentrate

*EPA Reg. No. 10324-120-3640