CT40 B50 ECS-155 Automatic Scrubber, 20"


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CT40 ECS-155 Automatic Scrubber, 20"

10/13 Gal. 20” Battery Operated (155 AH), Micro Scrub 600 rpm, Brush Drive with on-board charger and microfiber pad holder (Chem - Dose and microfiber pads not included)

Product Details: EcoCost Cleaning Solutions, 10/13 Gallon, 20" Brush/Pad


ECS Automatic Scrubbers High Speed Microfiber scrubbing system uses less water, chemicals and time.
•Reduce Water Consumption 80%-90%
•Reduce Chemical Consumption up to 80%-90%
•Reduce Labor Time up to 30-50%

The Greenest Machines on the planet and in your budget!

Patented Microfiber Scrubbing System. Only the ECS can deliver the performance advantages of microfiber.
•High Speed (600 RPM), over three times faster than traditional scrubbers
•Low Pad Pressure allowing high oxygenation of fibers
•Limited Water is needed to allow microfiber to work effectively.

The Benefits of Using an ECS Automatic Scrubber

  • Cleaner Environment - Offers a new level of hygiene that you have come to expect from microfiber cleaning.
  • Conserve Water - Reduce water consumption by up to 12,000 to 19,000 gallons per year. Save 80%-90%
  • Reduce Chemical - Save up to 150 to 240 gallons of chemical per year. Save 80%-90%
  • Reduce Labor - Just fill and dump the ECS once. Save 30%50% on dumping and refilling. Save up to 400-640 labor hours per year.
  • Reduce Pad Waste - Reduce the cost and disposal of “throw away” pads, Micro scrub pads will last 2-6 months depending on the surface.
  • Save Energy - Reduces energy in battery charging and energy management by 20% with the “Energy Saver” system and will increase battery life.
  • Reduce Noise - Reduce noise levels 10%-15%, to allow for daytime cleaning.
  • Ergonomics - Traction drive and no dump and refills provide for a new standard in ergonomic cleaning.
  • Reduce Waste - Save 30-150 plastic chemical containers and their transport
  • Reusable - Micro Scrub pads can be cleaned over 200 times and clean up to 45,000 sq feet at one time. They can be rinsed or are machine washable.
  • CHEM DOSE - The CHEM DOSE system helps you save chemicals by providing precision control.

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